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Dad Extra Strong

Content: 25 ml
Isopropyl nitrite - CAS 541-42-4

Now with specially developed & absolutely airtight cap!

By now, men are known for their exeptional help around the house.

Dad Extra Strong Aroma especially appeals to daddies who like to use an ultra strong leather cleaner. A strong man on the label designed by Tom Taylor clearly shows who this product was developed for. Within the formula, the long-proven isopropyl nitrite in particular provides unique results, which will have an absolutely satisfying effect for you right from the first application.

A Power Pellet inside the bottle ensures that your leather cleaner remains fresh and pure for a particularly long time, as it prevents the aroma from being contaminated by water molecules. In addition, the new safety cap guarantees that the formula does not evaporate or leak neither during transportation nor storage. It can only be opened by simultaneously pressing down and turning it counterclockwise.

Dad will make even the dirtiest objects usable again.

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