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Content: 30 ml (3 x 10 ml)
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7
Isopentyl Nitrite - CAS 110-46-3
Isopropyl Nitrite - CAS 541-42-4
+ Hemp Aroma

Get the most amazing sensations with this new pack celebrating the Italian national team and the three amazing and very different poppers, as well as an orgasmic prostate stimulator and a mini football for stress relief!

These three poppers contain very different nitrites so you can experience all three existing recipes in all their uniqueness! The newest poppers are all original and contain something unique to make them your new number ones for sure!

Voodoo is a double-nitrite formula that is generally used for long-lasting kinky BDSM sessions and let go of all your inhibitions for maximum pleasure in the bedroom!

For all your relaxing needs and make anal sessions more pleasant, the Green Power with extra Hemp Aroma will satisfy and quickly enthrall you with its erotic scent. Just sit down and relax, you're going to be in good ends with this fantastic poppers!

Finally, the XTrash needs no introduction as it has been designed for maximum orgasmic sessions, whether masturbating solo or with your partner, to stimulate you as soon as you open the bottle and let its erotic aroma reach you.

Also included in this pack is a mini football to keep your other hand entertained during your poppers session, but it can also be used as decoration or anti-stress.

These poppers are going to be incredible when you use them at the same time as the included Prostate Stimulator from Push Monster, targetting with ease your P-Spot for some of the most explosive orgasms we've had the pleasure of experiencing.

Product details:
✓ For a great popperbating session
✓ 3 small poppers with different formulas
✓ Experience incredible sensations in bed!
✓ Practical small bottles containing 10 ml of pure bliss
✓ With the best-selling prostate stimulators of our shop
✓ Massage your prostate and enhance your sensations!
✓ And a mini foam football included

1 x GREEN POWER small, 10 ml
1 x VOODOO, 10 ml
1 x Mini Football
1 x XTRASH small, 10 ml
1 x Push Monster - Prostate Stimulator

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