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Ice Mint

Content: 24 ml
Isopropyl Nitrite - CAS 541-42-4

Now with specially developed & absolutely airtight cap!

A leather cleaner with mint aroma! Hard to believe, but Ice Mint delivers what the name suggests.

This formula will satisfy you especially during your most intense activities. Unlike some other formulas, you'll enjoy every single action with this fast-acting leather cleaner and its minty fragrance. Even big toys are no longer an obstacle with this supply.

Thanks to the revolutionary safety cap, the bottle is absolutely airtight and leak-proof during storage and transportation. So you have all the content at your disposal without having to miss even a single drop. Even when you're out and about, the cap won't open accidentally as it has to be pressed down and turned to the left at the same time in order to do so.

You can already look forward to incredible results!

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