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Iron Fist

Content: 24 ml
Isopentyl nitrite - CAS 110-46-3

Now with specially developed & absolutely airtight cap!

You can already tell by the name "Iron Fist" that you are dealing with an ultra strong leather cleaner!

Experience the clenched power of this isopentynitrite-based formula, which is even stronger than other products of its kind thanks to a highly complex distillation process. Imagine the dirtiest things, and Iron Fist makes it easy for you to handle them.

To keep your cleaner fresh and effective for a long time, you should ideally store it in a cool place. Your Leathercleaner is perfectly stored in this shockproof aluminium bottle and thanks to the new absolutely airtight cap, nothing can get out unless you want it to. To open the safety cap, press it down and unscrew it at the same time.

Convince yourself of the incredible penetrating power of this wonderfully intensive leather cleaner.

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