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Rush Ultra Strong - Black Label Big


Push Poppers

Content: 24 ml
Isopropyl Nitrite - CAS 541-42-4
Isopentyl Nitrite - CAS 110-46-3

Now with specially developed & absolutely airtight cap!

It's unbelievable but it's true: Rush Ultra Strong Black Label unites two of the strongest nitrites in a highly efficient leather cleaner.

Each of your sessions will make you perform at your best, as hardly any other formula can compete with this one. Inside the bottle there is a Power Pack Pellet, that has the unique effect to bind moisture and keep unwanted molecules away from your leather cleaner. Thanks to the newly developed airtight safety cap, nothing will leak even when you're on the move and you'll always have all the power at hand. To open the cap, press it down and turn it to the left at the same time.

You can already look forward to a fast, intense effect that is second to none and is more than sufficient even for large items.

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