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Content: 10 ml
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7
N-Pentanol - 71-41-0

You've known about Ultra Strong poppers but it's now time for something more: the Amsterdam Hardcore poppers has an active ingredient that is simply stronger than any other poppers we know. This stabilised pentyl nitrite formula has been purified so that its effects act quickly and for a longer time, making you enjoy more extreme sensations in the bedroom.

This small bottle of poppers packs quite a punch as you will quickly discover when you open the bottle and get instantly overwhelmed with its super strong and erotic aroma. Made in Amsterdam with hardcore pentyl nitrite of the highest quality, this poppers is ideal for experiencing extraordinary moments of freedom and intensity.

Whether you like to masturbate solo, play with toys, have sex or foreplay with your partner or even with friends at the club, poppers are a good ice-breaker making you relax and ready for more fun! Try the superior Amsterdam Hardcore poppers and you will never go back to the normal, less powerful versions if you're into extreme sensations!

Product details:
✓ Fresh new batch of poppers
✓ Hardcore formula for the first time ever
✓ For new sensations that you won't ever forget
✓ Practical 10 ml bottle
✓ Hardcore and stabilized Pentyl nitrite
✓ Excites and stimulates you
✓ Perfect for extraordinary moments in bed
✓ Convenient secure cap
✓ Reduces leaks and evaporation

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