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Original Double Booster Large

Enjoy more intense sensations with your large square poppers and this new Original Double Booster in the Large version! Just screw the booster cap on your poppers and you're ready to use your poppers more intensely and with a boosted effect! The new technology inside the Original Double Booster is highly effective: the flow from the bottle and the three air holes is controlled and mixes the aroma perfectly along the elongated neck for a devastating effect when it reaches you.

This poppers booster cap is designed to intensify the flavours of your bottles while avoiding contact with the bottle opening and its liquid for added safety. Made from high-quality brushed plastic, the rounded tips are smooth and fit perfectly under your nostrils. This version of the Original Booster Cap has a Larger thread and is compatible with all big square bottles such as Rush, Amsterdam, Jungle Juice Black Label, Radikal Rush and many others.

For optimal storage, replace the original popper cap at the end of your session to keep it longer, the Original Booster does not prevent evaporation and leaks.

Another advantage of the new Original Boosters is their outstanding quality. In many other online stores, boosters are sold at inflated prices. As a rule, they are inferior products. In our company, however, we attach great importance to quality and customer satisfaction. Our original booster is made of high quality materials in the EU and manufactured under strict quality control.

Product details:
✓ High quality brushed plastic
✓ Easy to use and clean
✓ No delicate handling, just screw it on!
✓ For a better, more intense experience with poppers
✓ No contact with the bottle
✓ The aroma only escapes through the tunnel

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