3 + 1 RUSH ULTRA STRONG Bestseller



Content: 20 ml (2 x 10 ml)
Isopentyl Nitrite - CAS 110-46-3
Isopropyl Nitrite - CAS 541-42-4

Prepare for the Pride in advance with this great value pack, containing two poppers, one tube of lube, three cockrings and a masturbator to experience maximum pleasure, either with partner or solo!

Open up the bottles of poppers and let their wonderful aroma fill the room, getting you ready to hot games without taboo and inhibitions. Made with strong Isopentyl and Isopropyl nitrite, these poppers are some of the strongest on the market, making you absolutely horny and relaxed so you can enjoy more satisfying sessions.

Gold Rush is simply put the gold standard of poppers with an incredible Isopentyl formula that will free you from your inhibitions and make you give in to pleasure, opening the doors of maximum relaxation!

Berlin Hard is a famous name not only in the german capital city of poppers, but also in the club scene, thanks to its long-lasting and super strong effects, bringing you to the brink of climax in a few seconds!

The tube of Rush Lube is one of our best-selling lubes with a practical format and dispenser cap that you can use even in the heat of the moment without making a mess and then glide for a long time!

The masturbator Fire a Gun is a stretchable stroker that fits all sizes and creates body-realistic tension for the ultimate stimulation when you start stroking!

When you need a boost for your erection and embiggen your ballsack, use the three Donut cockrings from the Triple Set by Push Monster, that will enhance your size and sensitivity to provide you with more satisfaction in bed and last longer!

Product details:
✓ Contains everything you need for incredible sensations
✓ Best-selling poppers Berlin Hard and Gold Rush
✓ Practical 10 ml bottles
✓ The ultimate water-based lube
✓ Three colored cockrings at a low price
✓ Super stimulating masturbator
✓ Perfect for foreplay and solo games

1 x GOLD RUSH, 10 ml
1 x Masturbator Fire a Gun No.06
1 x Push Monster Cockring - Donut Triple Set
1 x BERLIN HARD small, 10 ml

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