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Content: 10 ml
Isopropyl Nitrite - CAS 541-42-4
Isopropanol - CAS 67-63-0

The Yellow Republik Poppers is made with super strong isopropyl nitrite, one of the strongest and most popular of the three nitrites available on the European market. With this fantastic formula, you'll be delighted from start to finish and enjoy this strong poppers in a practical 10 ml format. Its formula went through several processes of dilution, purification and distillation to be able to bring you one of the most enjoyable poppers out there.

The new Republik brand is already making a name for itself with its special Adapter and its formulas adapted to all kinds of games. Whether masturbating solo in bed, playing with toys and your partner or while at the club with friends, the Republik poppers will knock your socks off.

Thanks to the power of poppers, you'll get to enjoy stronger sensations and be more in the moment than ever before, so open the bottle and let its fantastic aroma reach you and fill you. The erotic scent can be quite strong for some beginners but if you love thrills and excitement, the Yellow Republik poppers is perfect for you!

Product details:
✓ Pocket 10 ml format
✓ Pure liquid bliss
✓ Brand-new collection and fresh new batch
✓ Made with potent isopropyl nitrite
✓ Very strong sensations
✓ Perfect for poppers beginners and experts
✓ With secure cap
✓ Reduces leaks and evaporations

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